Christmas Ornaments Full Collection (Limited Edition)


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Full collection of Christmas ornaments including Rain On Me, Safety Net, Six Thirty Positions Flower, POV, Just Like Magic, Nasty, and Stuck with U

**Coupons or discounts are not valid on these items.

Rain On Me – blue glitter with white letters and umbrella

Safety Net – mint glitter merging positions and sweetener/tun eras for the safety net lyric

Six Thirty – tan ornament with a silver warped clock. Hands at 6:30

Positions Flower – black ornament with mint flower

POV – white, mint, and purple glitter with black words “from your POV”

Just Like Magic – lavender ornament with silver words

Nasty – pink ornament with mint 10/5 (reference: ten out of five on you)

Stuck with U – silver ornament with venn diagram, swu in the middle

**These are 2.5 inch plastic ornaments (I do not trust glass ornaments to not break in transit).**

**All ornaments are handmade individually and may vary slightly from the image**


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